How to create a recipe in under two minutes.

Posted by Richard McLeod on Feb 5, 2018 12:08:56 PM


Creating a recipe

Creating a recipe is one of the most powerful ways to start reducing the cost of goods in your bar or restaurant. Once you've created a recipe you can start monitoring how much of each of your stock items you SHOULD have used over any given period. Once you know this information you can stocktake to see how much you have ACTUALLY used. The difference between what you have calculated to use and what you have actually used is called wastage or shrinkage.
Wastage or shrinkage can be caused by;
  • Over-portioning of items,
  • Poor management of items leading to items having to be thrown out because they haven't been used in the required timeframe,
  • Staff theft.

Without correctly created recipes you will never know how much of an item you SHOULD have used and can therefore not track down what the issues that are causing a high cost of goods for your business might be.

Fortunately systems like Loaded Reports mean it has never been easier to get started with creating a recipe. Watch the video above to see how you could have your first recipe created in under two minnutes.




To correctly create a recipe you need to know,

  • All of the stock items that make up the recipe
  • All of the weights or volumes of each stock item that make up a recipe
  • The price you are paying for each stock item that makes up a recipe
  • View our entire Recipe creation process article here.
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