Interview - Liz Perkins a hospitality turnaround success.

Posted by Richard McLeod on Jul 27, 2020 10:27:04 AM
Watch our weekly webinar as we interview Bar and Restaurant owner Liz Perkins on the turnaround she made at her bar and restaurant to go from 80 hour work weeks and mediocre results, to leading a team that produced a 220% profit increase.
Part 6 of a multiple webinar series.

You'll find out;
  • Why a focus on an industry average benchmark for profitability won't improve your business.
  • How to start the process of developing a systemised business where your team take the lead.
  • The outcomes that can be achieved if you strategically work through efficiencies in your bar, restaurant or cafe.


Resources from this webinar:

Leading hospitality consulting and coaching company. Learn directly from Liz and James on how to implement the system and process Liz implemented in her business.


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