Interview with Marty McCaig - Operations Manager - Made in the Shade Group.

Posted by Richard McLeod on Sep 9, 2020 4:46:18 PM
Join us as we we catchup with Marty McCaig - Operations Manager for Award winning Melbourne based Made in the Shade group and owner of South Press Wine Bar in South Yarra.

Marty literally grew up with hospitality in his blood living above the pub his parents operated in rural Victoria from the age of 10.

He’s worked with some of the most creative operators in the industry and had phenomenal experience from large pub formats through to his own discerning South Press Wine Bar.

We’ll find out how he made the subtle move from studying immunology at Monash University, which included an honours with the World Health Organisation on Influenza Vaccines Research, (Yes we will ask him what date we can expect a Covid vaccine!) to studying wine under MS Peter Mitchell.

Covid has dealt the industry a particularly nasty hand and Marty has been in the thick of it as an owner, operations manager and patient, after contracting Covid in the past few weeks. We’re looking forward to pulling out the key threads of wisdom that Marty has amassed over a very successful career and understanding his views on the key to surviving and thriving in hospitality post Covid.

Topics: Inventory, efficiency, webinar

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