Interview - James O'Connell - Hospitality Coach to 1000's

Posted by Richard McLeod on Aug 5, 2020 1:47:43 PM
Watch our weekly webinar as we interview James O'Connell from The Hospitality Company on why some businesses are able to make meaningful, lasting improvements to their business and why so many falter in attempting to do so.
Part 7 of a multiple webinar series.

You'll find out;
  • The four key tenants to making long and lasting improvements to your business.
  • What leading hospitality businesses around the world are focused on to make their business better.
  • The key personality traits that successful owners and managers have that allow them to make change.
  • Why some businesses make great initial progress and then can't maintain their improvements or success.


Resources from this webinar:

Leading hospitality consulting and coaching company. Learn directly from James on the topics discussed in the interview.


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Topics: Inventory, efficiency

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