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Five best practice templates we've used to grow a $25 million revenue hospitality group. 

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Weekly management meeting template

Weekly financial report template

Profitability analysis calculator

Customer touch points checklist

POS System buying checklist

Each template comes with instructions on how to implement in your business and useful articles and videos to follow to help your hospitality business thrive.


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Weekly management meeting

You can't drive change in your bar, restaurant or cafe without an effective weekly management session. This template gives you both the agenda and section to complete when holding a weekly management meeting with your team. If you choose one template to implement in your business in the next month, it should be this one!


Weekly financial report

Our simplified weekly financial report tracks your performance over the past twelve weeks and gives you a clear indication on whether your Gross Profit is increasing or decreasing. If you are looking for high level information on the performance of your business you will struggle to find a simpler way to do it. Our CEO used this exact template to improve Gross Profit by 5% over a six month period.


Profitability analysis calculator

A  quick and easy calculator which allows you to enter your current revenue, wage cost, and profitability to determine what the increase in profitability at your hospitality business would be if you made 1 - 3% changes in the key areas of financial leverage in your business.


Customer touchpoint checklist

Does your team understand the full list of touchpoints that drive a customers experience within your bar, restaurant or cafe. Use our touchpoint analysis checklist to go right through your business and create yourself a plan of where improvements need to be made from food to beverage, menus, signage and everything in between. Great for both existing businesses and those planning the world's next best hospitality venue.


Point of Sale System buying checklist

POS  is arguably the most important piece of technology in your business. As Loaded integrates with a number of different POS systems we understand the exact process you can follow that will lead to a smoother running hospitality outlet. The great news is if you use this template properly you should only ever need to use it once!

James Ace | Owner Future Bars, Queenstown NZ


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